Sunday, September 14, 2008

Current state of development

Edit: This post may be a bit messy

Start of the new school year
The first of September was the start of the new school year. This had a serious impact on my spare time (obviously), and school is taking a lot of my energy. So from now on things will probably go even slower. It’s just that you know!

Modular Gaming
I have decided that I’m going to work with a framework for browser based games, called Modular Gaming. ( That means that I don’t have to set up the login, registration, inventory, … off course I’ll have to change some things. But it saves me a lot of time and work. However, with my programming skills, it’s going to take me long enough.
For the ones of you who want to make their own browser based game, you should really check it out!

My illustrators
Now I’m going to tell you a bit about my illustrators. Two eighteen year old guys were willing to make some (well, a lot) drawings etc. for my game. One of them is a cousin of a friend, the other one is a friend of a friend. I have spoken with them on msn and mailed with them.
Because one had an accident he wasn’t able to do anything yet. The other one is already making some drawings and sketches. I haven’t seen them yet, but I’m very curious! They can take their time, because it will take ME very long to program my game. I hope that I can post some sketches soon.

The next steps
The next steps in the development of CeasterTrade will be the programming of all the basic stuff, which will take a while. I will have to learn and practice. If that’s done I will concentrate on some more “special” features.

The name
As last item I will shortly explain the name CeasterTrade. “Ceaster” is old English for City, I chose the name because of the sound and because the game is all about trading and cities (trading in your own city, or with another city). What also represents the feature of “virtual cities” which creates almost a storyline.