Wednesday, July 22, 2009

CeasterTrade online?

Hey everyone

Like I said before, the core of CeasterTrade is ready, but it needs a lot of improvement. But fact is, I'm not motivated. I'm still addicted to the project, but I just want to move on to more intresting stuff...

I want CeasterTrade online.

That way I can gather feedback and I'm more motivated to keep improving it. So I decided I won't work on it until it can be put online.

My dad has to do some stuff first before I can put it online, so I will putting some pressure on him. It's acctually big news:

If things go as planned CeasterTrade will be online, as preview, in less than 2 weeks!

There is absolutely no certainty things will go as planned, but hey, who cares?

Monday, July 20, 2009

From ProtoFlow to ImageFlow

Since my last post I haven't been working on CeasterTrade that much. Mostly I was trying to addapt ProtoFlow to fit all my needs.

I am still not very skilled in javascript so I took it as a chance to improve. I learned a lot, but the challenge was to big. I had to go looking for something else.

ProtoFlow uses the Prototype library and scriptaculous to imitate the CoverFlow effect. Now, ImageFlow does the same but uses the jQuery library.

The reason I went with jQuery after all is that it is well documented (ProtoFlow is not) , has more options and you can give the script some variables to display it the way you want.

I think the "Town Center" should be fine now.

The next few days I hope I can code:
  • Starter Kits (when you built a new workshop you get a free tool, so you can start right away)
  • Fix bugs that will certainly appear (this happens all the time ;)
  • Perhaps more UI stuff (make things clearer)
  • Other stuff I think about
When I'm done with that I can evaluate and see where I stand. Maybe I'll be ready for some basic testing (with friends, before I put it online) , maybe there's some other stuff I need to do.

But I'll keep you updated, remember you can follow me on twitter for faster updates.

Town Center Screenshot: