Thursday, October 30, 2008

Changes in the basics: Villages

I’ve made a change in my design document.

There are 2 kinds of villages.

1.     ‘Resource villages’

2.     ‘trading villages’

Resource villages are smaller and have a certain amount of one or more kinds of resources. And you can only build buildings to gather resources or to make goods.

Trading villages are usually bigger and you can only build shops or buildings which deliver services.

Both kinds of villages can contain governmental buildings.

You don’t have a ‘home village’ anymore. First of all you have to build a warehouse in a village to be ‘active’ in that village. Then you can buy building grounds (just like before) and build buildings etc. So every good from your buildings in that village go to your warehouse in that village, and you have to transport goods between warehouses. So you will have to build 2 warehouses at least: one in a resource village and one in a trading village. For the rest everything stays the same, expect you don’t have to buy land anymore, but build the right type of building and upgrade it so it can contain more workers. (so there will be a building: woodcutter, sawmill, … ).

When a resource town is depleted you can move your workers to other buildings and destroy the buildings which gather resources and build buildings which make goods.

The pros:

  • -          More interesting gameplay
  • -          Simpeler?

The cons:

  • -          I have to revise the taxes system and politics


richell7 said...

it looks like youve planned your game out alot! i would just like to know what scripting languages you are using? im thinking of making a basic mafia game, itll have a crimes,stock exchange,steal a car, stats pages. im stuck on the data base, most guides use mysql, but i got ms access so im stumped for now..

John Magne said...

dont use ms access, it crumbles when u get to a size like 200 MB... and why not mysql? free, and alot of help available on how to use it

jannesiera said...

I'm using php and mysql. I really recomend to use this, since it is allready hard to find any good tutorials, most are for php and mysql. And it's really easy to set up (I use WAMP, that's one download and it has everything you need to start working on your local machine)