Monday, August 3, 2009

Pre-Alpha : 08 / 5 / 2009

We are open for registration on the fifth of August, 10 o'clock, standard time (GMT). CeasterTrade is opening in 2 days!


I called it a preview, I said it was for testing. Now I'm calling it a "pre-alpha". Now, what does that mean?

It means that I'm putting the game online, open for registrations. That the game can be and must be played. The game will has to be tested, bugs have to be found, values have to be balanced, ... But it's also an opportunity to show the game, which is long before finished, to the world. It means I have to gather feedback. Testing the basic elements of this game in several ways.

TODO in Pre-Alpha: For players and developers
  • Bugs have to be found and fixed, so when you find one, post it on the forum.
  • Fun: Is this game fun? How come?
  • Security: I haven't really payed very much attention to security, so maybe some one will hack this game for me. That's the easiest way to learn, I guess.
  • Balancing: This is very important.
  • Wikia: A good manual has to be made, the wikia has to be extended.


I have created a wikia for CeasterTrade:

I really hope testers will be enthusiastic enough to write a manual, 'cuz I suck at it ;). Otherwise I'll give it a try.

The manual is pretty important though, because I don't think CeasterTrade is an easy-to-learn game, at least not at this stage. I will be online to help people getting started on the ingame chat, but a manual would be a LOT better.

What I expect

I really don't expect anything. I don't have any experience with beta testing, putting a game online or running a game. So what would I know? I'm just putting this game online, and I'll see what happens.

I have certain assumptions, but I wouldn't know these are true.

You're all invited!

Please come and register an account! You're all invited to take a look or play the game. If you have feedback, post it on the forum, talk to me on the chat, or post a comment here.

See you on Wednesday!

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