Friday, January 30, 2009


The last few days I’ve been thinking about how I would arrange the ranking system. I decided to have one ‘main ranking’ and besides that multiple other, less important, rankings. This iswhat I’ve got:

  1.   Most Sales: the quantity of sales you make decide your ranking
  2.  Most Goods Produced: the quantity of goods you produce decide your ranking
  3.   Stock Market Profit: the total profit you made by trading shares on the stock market decide your ranking

These are the ‘side rankings’. It’s the main ranking which I’m not sure about. Now I have:

  1.  Ranking: your total value (in ‘points’). An example how this would be arranged: Cash on hand + (each level of each building you own x 3) + (each piece of empty land you own x 2) + ((every good + gold you own)  x 1) + (every resource you own x 0.5)

I think I can’t do much wrong with this, still if anyone has a better idea, feel free to tell me ^^. The ‘side-rankings’ would be available during each rounds. The ‘main ranking’ only after each round.

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eliasserneels said...

Yow Janne,
first of all congrats with your progress so far. I just want to say that the ranking system you've put together looks good to me.But what's with those rounds? Do you have to play in rounds or something like that, because that really isn't what I expected from this game. But if you keep up your work, I'm sure you will work that out too.