Saturday, May 2, 2009

Little Update: future posts

Hey everyone,

Long time no see ;). I haven't been able to work on CeasterTrade so much lately, because I was on a 2 weeks holiday, and because I've got other things to do also. But it's going well, and I certainly won't give up on it!
My intention was to post something earlier, but there was a little to much to tell. So I decided to give myself some time to create them, avoiding too chaotic posts.

In future posts I'll cover subjects like:
 - My holiday (not really game related).
 - Which aspects of CeasterTrade have been done, and which not.
 - Sharing some game ideas (and how they developed).
 - Something about a preview.

It will be, as always, nothing big. But, as always, my own notes of a journey.

PS: Wow, just noticed how long it has been since my last post... So you have to know the project is still alive! I'll try to keep you a little bit better up to date in the future!


Lorb said...

So, welcome back :)
Looking forward to hearing further news ;)


Anonymous said...

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Janne Siera said...

Hey Anonymous

Thank you for your feedback, really appreciate it. I'm proud I did this, but I'm even more proud of my new blog!

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No problem for the offtopic, it reminds me I still should write something on that holiday, even if it's not that much :).