Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Buildings

I promised you in the previous entry that I was going to post something about the shops and buildings, so here it is: A list with all the buildings and descriptions till now. In a later phase of the game probably a few more buildings will be added. And also there will be added some more features in some of the buildings (like in the stock market).

The Town Hall
This is probably the most important building in the game. Here you can hire workers, vote for the major of the next round and buy certificates.

The Inn
At the beginning I wanted to build the forum here. But I decided to add a simple link in the menu to the forum. Now I’m thinking off making a sort of bulletin board-like thing. But I haven’t totally figured this out yet. So if any one of you has an idea, please, tell me.

National Bank
You have to pay administration costs for everything you do here. You can borrow money and open a bank account (for money transactions and you get a small interest), but all this for high tariffs.

Private Banks
Players can open a bank themselves. They should be able to make a lot money with it, but you also have to have some money already to start a successful bank. They would be able to offer the same services as the national bank but for lower tariffs, and they would be able to offer deposits.

Stock Market House
Here is the stock market. I’m going to try to expand the stock market when the game is running successfully, and to ad A LOT of features here. But to begin I will keep it modest.

A player can buy shares here. Obviously. Not shares from companies, although I’m planning to add this MUCH later. But you can buy shares from sectors. Sectors would be divided in products and cities. So an example for a sector would be: “the wood sector from city 1”. So when there is selling a lot of wood in that specific city that hour, the shares go up. If the next hour there is less wood being sold, the price of the shares goes down.

There is also a transaction cost for every transaction of shares.

In my example I used hours, but this also could be days. What do you think is best?

The Town Hall’s Market
The products that the mayor has imported will be sold here.

The Market
The market has a double function. Products that players have bought in other villages will be sold here. AND players can offer a LIMITED amount of products here if they pay a small fee.

At the beginning of the game, I will start with the town hall, the town hall’s market and maybe the stock market and the market. The rest I will add later.

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