Sunday, August 3, 2008

The basics

Every round you start with a certain amount of money (CeasterCoins) and your aim is to end the round as the richest player.

The most common way to make money is to produce your own goods and to sell them.

First you have to decide in which city you will live and work. Every city has advantages and disadvantages. Of course you will be able to travel and import and export goods.
Now you will choose which product to produce. What does my city need? And what will make me the most money?

These are all the goods in the game:
1. Trees
2. Iron ore
3. Gold ore
4. Diamond
5. Coal
6. Clay
7. Salt
1. Axes
2. Pickaxes
3. shovel
4. saw
5. iron
6. wood
7. gold
8. hamper
9. stones
10. glass
11. jewels
12. furnace

Now you will build a shop. You have to buy 3 things:
1. Building materials
2. A construction ground
3. money

You can buy them in various shops. Most likely in a shop owned by another player, I’ll discuss other shops later in my blog. Or you can make them yourself of course. A construction ground can be bought in the city, next to the shops, and it’s the task of the mayor to make sure that there are always enough building grounds available.

Building or leveling up your shop or warehouse is easy and real-time (more about the real-time element later in this entry). There’ll be also a possibility to buy extra’s for your shop (like pricelist, etc.).

The last thing you have to do before you can start producing goods is to hire workers and to buy land and/or tools. You can hire workers in the town hall and buy land on the map. You always need hampers to transport your goods.

When you produce goods you will put some workers to work. You’ll have to use the right sort of worker for the right sort of product (e.g. woodcutters to cut trees). And before that you will have to give them the right tools (e.g. the woodcutter needs axes). Then your workers will work for a certain time (e.g. 30 min.)(That’s the real-time element) and when they’re finished, the goods will be transported to your warehouse and their wage will be automatically deducted from your money.

Then you’ll have to set the price, transport the goods to your shop and other players will buy it! (Hopefully ;))

That’s the basic of the game. I will discuss other game elements in my next entries.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds very good^^

Maxime Vanheule said...

It sounds realy cool! ^^

Luke said...

I have played a lot of browsergames in my time, and heard about a lot of others. While most(unfortunately) of the first browsergame projects I see fail, this is one that I hope makes it - it sounds like an interesting concept and I would like to see where it goes.