Friday, August 8, 2008


The past few days I’ve been thinking about the chat. As I mentioned before in this blog, my original idea was to make a chat room in the inn. I changed that and decided to make a small chat on each page. I was thinking about the following features:

1. A list with all the users that are online in the chat.
2. Different “tabs” or “rooms”. So there would be a room for each village and an “international”
room etc.
3. Private chat.

With all these features in mind, and the fact that there might be a lot joining a conversation in the chat, I decided to return to my original idea and to make the chat in the inn.
What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Being honest, putting in some form of IRC will usually be sufficient.

Especially when your game gets larger, and players wish to join chat outside of the game (eg via their own chat client)

Lorbiyanor said...

Do players wish that? I've never heard of such a suggestion. If there's already an ingame chat, why would one request an external chat?