Saturday, August 9, 2008

Customizable shops

In CeasterTrade you will be able to customize your shop. This has 2 purposes:

1. Marketing. Everything you do has influence in your visibility and you can convince people to
buy their stuff in your shop quick and cheap.
2. Just the fun of the customization. This could go with contests for the best looking shop etc.

Every shop will have a main building. To see the discounts, prices etc. you’ll have to go inside. BUT a shop owner will be able to buy extras! And I hope you will help me decide which extras that will be. I had already some ideas:

1. A pricelist next to the main building.
2. A sign (banner). Some basic banners and also the possibility to upload one yourself.
3. A message.
4. A shop name (I think that’s a very important one, so people will recognize you!)
5. Spotlights. This is a very original one, but maybe not a good one. So there will be spotlight
shining on the shop so it is more notable.
6. This is not really for visibility, but I could make a little change to the discount feature and
make people pay to enable it.
7. This spot is for my blog readers to come up with some ideas!

I’m awaiting your opinion and maybe some ideas! Then I’ll soon make a poll.

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